About Us

Ression magazine was founded by Juliette Bruner during COVID-19. Many people are at home and still finding ways to continue progress in the world. Ression Magazine’s goal is to highlight people that are helping continue progress add to also help people continue to progress in their own life. Ression magazine comes from progression. Because at Ression magazine we believe that without progression the world will never move forward.

Editorial Team

Founder and Editor in Chief: Juliette Bruner

Sports Editor: Dylan Friedland

Politics Editor: Josh Kelsky

Wellness Editor: Jordan Miller

Entertainment Editor: Camila Rodriguez

Beauty Editor: Gabriela Dogue

Study Editor: Kaylee Miller

Business Editor: Cameron Cary

Photography Editor: Parker Stava


Juliette Bruner

Cameron Cary

Samantha Orris

Gabriela Dogue

Michael Bruner

Trenton Sorensen

Aiden O’Brien

Camila Rodriguez

Kaylee Miller

Jake Stuart

Peter Lengwin

Maddie Proctor

Parker Stava

Jordan Miller


Dylan Friedland

Josh Kelsky


Kennedy Schwartz


Rachel Varsano

Washington D.C.

Nate Heller


Ginelle Torres

New Jersey

Jake Rodzen