Ten Questions With Rachel Saltzman Friedland

Rachel Friedland is a resident of Aventura, Florida, who wanted to help make a difference in her community when COVID-19 cases were on the rise. She helped by donating food and meals to the first responders in her city. Rachel is also running for Aventura Commissioner. I sat down with her to discuss her project. She is calling “Feeding Aventura’s Heroes,” as well as her … Continue reading Ten Questions With Rachel Saltzman Friedland


Distracted Economics: Opportunity

The economy entered the week of June seventh roughly three months after the initial shock tanked the market with the Dow dropping by more than two thousand points. Opening monday the market was up following a promising weekend of more announced openings and the rising price of oil. Tuesday the market dropped 7%, and has rallied for the rest of the week. The most recent … Continue reading Distracted Economics: Opportunity

10 Questions With COVID-19 Doctor Julio Torres

Dr. Julio Torres is in Otolaryngologists Surgeon with his practice based in Miami, Florida. Dr. Julio Torres’s practice continues to remain open during the pandemic, however, was closed for a period of time because he contracted COVID-19. Dr. Julio Torres has worked in many hospitals and has contact with doctors throughout the medical field. Continue reading 10 Questions With COVID-19 Doctor Julio Torres